What kind of parent do I want to be? Why? 


I went to check out the website above and found a few parenting habits that are quite shocking. A few examples are  :

  • In the Polynesian island, children take care of children. This is quite new to me as even to this day, there are adults still struggling to take care of children let alone saying the children to take care of each other. I thought to myself that why would people actually allow children at such a young age to take care of another child of a younger age. Usually people will feel that if kids are together and left alone all they will do is to create trouble and not take care of themselves. I wonder at such a young age where and how did they learn to do so, their parents must have trust them a lot. 
  • Danish parents leave their kids on the curb while they go shopping. In Singapore, I am sure no one would do this and deem this action made by the parents ‘crazy’. I am pretty sure there are a lot of news, reports of missing child as parents neglected their child. I’m pretty amazed how Danish people trust their own citizens that they will leave their children on the curb without having the fear that their children will be taken away or kidnap. 
  • French kids eat everything. Personally I feel that this is a good parenting habit, this will become a habit for child and they will not be picky on food. In this generation most of the children get very picky on food, one of the most hated food is definitely vegetables. Most of my friends do not like to eat vegetables. Which I feel that it is not a good habit as vegetable provides some nutrients or vitamins that meat and dairy products do not have it. 

Back to the topic, I would want to be a parent that let my children be compassionate with everything they do. I feel that there is no need to restrict them in anything, they should be creative and have wild imagination. There is no limit, I want them to learn and explore the world by themselves, I want them to love what they do and also make mistakes and learn from them. I want them to feel carefree and not stuck in studies everyday. During their childhood, I would want to make sure they have enough of fun, good memories. Bring them to places like Zoo, allowing them to be explored to different animals. There is no such thing as ‘gender limit’ , if I have a son and he loves the color pink or loves to put make up or play with Barbie doll, I will not stop him from doing so. I want my child to learn to love everything around them. I wish that they do not see how cruel this society is and give up on the things they like, I want them to be empathetic to others, help others even if it does not benefit them. Help the society, do volunteer work because I always believe that the more you give, the more you receive. I want my child to be independent I do not wish that they are pampered by me, if they make a mistake they should be punished accordingly and encourage to not do it again. I will constantly tell them they are the best and they look beautiful no matter what others say, I do not want them to feel insecure. I will love them like no other parents does. I will tell them that love is unconditioned, love nature and not 24/7 stuck with smart devices. Why? Because yolo aka you only live once. I find that there is no point doing things we do not like and be stuck with it and waste our life doing so. Rather than that, do something we love and enjoy it even though we might not benefit it. I do not want them to be unhappy, money is not everything. Money is important, but I firmly stand on my opinion that money cannot buy you any happiness. 

I do not know if this is the best parenting habit but I will strive my best to become the best parent for my children 🙂


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