What are Singaporeans’ concerns? What are our migrants’ concerns? Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

I am sure that if I were to point out all the concerns by Singaporeans it will be a list long. So I will just a list a few that are commonly faced by Singaporeans.

To start off this topic it will be on the financial capability of the individual on starting a family. Singapore has been ranked one of the richest country… But to think of that, it comes with consequences. It means people have to work harder to provide themselves and their family a living. The high standard of living in Singapore is already a burden to most of the citizens in Singapore. The price of accommodation, food, healthcare in Singapore is not cheap at all. Let alone starting a family, the price of getting a new house, the enormous sum of money to raise a child and healthcare. Even though Singapore’s government has came out with new schemes to help Singaporeans by subsidizing the amount on healthcare and raising children, it is still not sufficient. The stressful life in Singapore has led to many concerns of Singaporeans starting a new family. Many young adults are career-driven and  would rather spend their youth working compared to starting a family. When they decide to start a family it would be a little too late, as it is harder for the women to conceive. With no doubts it is advisable to not have a child at an old age.

 In general most of the migrants will face the same concerns as Singaporeans with an exception of how they are viewed by others. They will have to get used to the fast pace in Singapore, long working hours etc. Also, they will have to pay for the costly education fees and healthcare. Discrimination would be one of the serious concern by them. Due to the different nationality and culture, they might be discriminated. 

However, these differences and concerns can be resolved. In a relationship, it takes two hand to clap. If both are willing to make a change or put in extra effort to make the situation better, I am sure it will be a happy marriage. Regardless of what circumstances, if both are willing to try and give in when necessary it should not be a problem. Though it all comes down back to individuals and the situation. 


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