What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

If Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers, I feel that it might good. Without domestic workers, Singaporeans will be more independent. Most of the families that have domestic worker (Maid) at home largely depend on them. Today, we have the ‘strawberry’ generation. Having domestic worker is part of the cause. I feel that teenager this generation depend on their maid too much, be it whether is simple house chores or even preparing their own day pack. Not only so, there has been many cases of employers abusing/mistreat their maid. Without these domestic workers in Singapore, we might be able to create a new environment for Singaporeans as they will start to be more independent instead of being too dependent on them which is a good thing. Without them, I feel that there will be a likelihood that families with both parents working will face difficulties as they struggle between work and family. However they can leave their children under the care of childcare centers.

If Singapore do not have any foreign workers it will be a great crisis. I feel that most of the Singaporeans do not appreciate the jobs that the foreigners are doing. Without the aid of foreign construction workers, local construction companies will have a lack of employees which means that they are unable to carry out construction activities or they have to delay project datelines. Construction workers are very important to Singapore’s economy, most of them are foreigners, without them Singapore is not able to function economically well.

In all, I feel that there is a need to have foreign workers in Singapore to a certain extent and we should not feel that they are taking over our jobs instead think in a way that they are helping our country. I cannot imagine Singapore without any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers. Who will be the one that will build our home? Who will be the one that is willing to do the dirty and energy consuming job? I doubt Singaporeans are willing to do so. I feel that people really should learn to appreciate the roof that is above our head, and seriously think of who are the ones who build it. We should be grateful and show our gratitude to them. They are the ‘unsung heroes’ of Singapore. 


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