Amos Yee, a young teenage boy famously known by people for the wrong reason. Despite Amos Yee being around the same age group as me, I do not entirely support what he does. There are many words to describe him. He is intelligent however he does not make use of it to his advantage that benefits him instead it brought disadvantage to him. 

Fair enough, everyone has the rights for freedom of speech. But it seems like he is abusing the rights that has been given to him. Although some of the things that he said are true, some are not. For example, going against religions(Islam, Christianity) or the photo-shopped photo of our late forefather, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  For this, I felt that he went overboard. Everyone has different beliefs, might be due to culture, environment or religion, instead of being so narrow-minded and forcing people to believe in what he does, instead he should learn to respect people before thinking of gaining respect from others. 

Due to his insensitive remarks towards these issue, he has been gaining more attention from the public in a negative way. One of which would be him getting slap by a citizen while on the way to attend a pre-trial conference at the State Courts. I understand from the perspective of the accused of why he could not restrain himself from doing so due to the anger that has been bottled up inside. Nevertheless.. I feel that it is not the right way to do so, Amos Yee is still a growing up teenager and he will be punished eventually by the law accordingly.

Like a coin, there is always two sides to a problem. Some people supports what Amos Yee says and the other group of people who go against him and feel that Amos Yee is at fault. I advice people who support him to not give him unnecessary encouragement to continue thinking whatever he has done is right, and to those who do not support him you have no rights to physically or verbally abuse him. There is no need to give him unnecessary attention as it is like a form of encouragement to carry on. I hope he respect the rights that has been given to him making use of it that benefits him and people around him rather than abusing it and get into trouble for doing so. 


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