Global Voices

There are many things that are happening around the world, many problems unsolved. There were many topics to choose from, be it articles on politics, culture or even human rights. This is the article that drew my attention when I was casually scrolling down the webpage looking for an article that interests me in order to do this reflection.  I will give a short summary of what this article is about.

This is a new hash tag that is trending in Ukrainian segment of Facebook.  #IAmNotAfraidToSayIt. People use this hash tag to share their stories and experiences of sexual harassment, sexual violence or even domestic violence. This hash tag was started by activist and journalist, Nastya Melnychenko. The main reason behind creating this hash tag is because she felt that there is a need to talk about her personal experiences of sexual violence because it is important for woman who has faced such violence to speak about it.

This hash tag has been trending in that particular country, many has followed this hash tag by sharing their experiences under the comment section or even starting their own post with that hash tag.

I was taken aback by the fact that these people who are victims of this incident are willing to open up and talk about their experience to the public. Personally I feel that it is important for them to face their past and not let it haunt them, talking about it might be helpful to them. I am glad for the person who started this trend, it actually encourages the people who have faced similar experiences be brave enough to face it and actually talk about it to the public.

“Speaking about discrimination, injustice, violence is the first step toward change. When we speak about these things, others understand that they are not alone, that they must protect their rights, and that no person should face such discrimination. We support #IAmNotAfraidToSayIt” – credits: civic activist with Campaign against discrimination post on facebook.

I do agree that there is nothing to be ashamed about having past like this. This violence happened to them is not what they have a choice over, they did not had a say in it when it happened to them. Sharing about it will bring awareness to people around them or even globally like how this hash tag did. People around will know their stories and stand with them against discrimination. I hope that the person who started this is able to bring the message across the world not just in her own country as it will be a great help to other victims that are not living in the same country as her. I admire the braveness of her starting this, as an individual I support what she is doing, I hope that others will support her as well.



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