What? We kinda’ caused the haze?

What?  We are actually contributing to haze? Sadly yes. Despite us being the ones complaining about haze, little did we realize that we are indirectly contributing to haze! Haze is a condition (pollution) that is largely caused by the burning of large tracts of forested land in Indonesia.

Question here, why was the method of burning large tracts of forested land used? Firstly, to clear land in a faster and efficient way, fire is a good method considered to other methods for example cutting the trees down one by one.

The reason for doing so is because of the high demand of palm oil products and paper production.  Companies that are involved in the deforestation in Indonesia are mainly palm oil, paper and logging companies. The demands by consumer play an important role in contributing the haze which led to consequences such as the health of people are at risk, causing certain species of animal to face extinction (The Orangutan).

In fact we can play a part in helping to improve the situation on haze. First of all, considering how consumer demands are important, we can demand our palm oil and paper products to be sustainable. If these products are sustainable, we are able to reduce the chances of deforestation which contributes to haze. Hence it will be haze-free it is a win-win situation as we as consumer gets what we want and is able to help the environment at the same time. Secondly, companies that have been involving in the burning of forested land should stop as it contributes to haze. Alternatively we can support sustainable companies on selling palm oil and paper as well as reduces our usage on papers.  Each and everyone should do a part as this is harming the environment. It is like a cycle, when the environment is harmed, we ourselves will be harmed too therefore there is really a need to reduce haze and not allowing the companies that has been using excuses of consumer needs to burn the forest. Next we have to reject Biofuel that is made from palm oil as the encouragement of the use of biofuel from palm oil will rapidly increase the percentage of deforestation from happening. People can also do their part by signing up as many petitions on stopping the haze as possible. We should be saving Earth and not harming Mother Nature, deforestation has caused many animals to face extinction. Burning the forest is the same as destroying their habitats and causing them to lose their homes. Instead of continuing doing this, we should be doing something to prevent this from happening more in the future.

These are some of the websites that I have found is either teaching us how to prevent haze or is supporting on the movement to stop haze. http://pmhaze.org/the-haze/causes/causes-of-haze/  , http://www.greenpeace.org/seasia/stop-the-haze/  , http://www.earthhour.sg/




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