Heritage Trail

For those who do not know that there is such island called ‘Coney Island’ existed in Singapore I shall give you a short introduction about it. Coney Island has an alternative name which is called ‘Pulau Serangoon’. It is known to be rich in history and biodiversity.


Coney Island is located off the northeastern coast of Singapore within the town of Punggol, between Pulau Ubin to its northeast and the mainland to its southwest. In Coney Island, you will be able to spot various species of bird (80), diverse wildlife and abundant flora. On my trip there I was lucky enough to catch sight of at least two different kinds’ species of bird. I was managed to take a photo of one of the bird. It consists of yellow and black color (although I don’t know what breed it is).  Dejectedly I was not able to capture the other one which flew away before my camera could capture it; it was another captivating bird which consists of blue and white color.

What I learned during this trip is that Coney Island is an ecologically sustainable park. It mainly focuses on conserving energy and water and also preserves of the natural elements in the park. Out of 5 beaches in Coney Island, I visited the one nearer to the west entrance which is Beach A. Each beach has been given a specific theme. Beach A theme would be ‘Back Mangroves Trees’. For your interest beach B, C, D and E are themed Beach front scrub, rare coastal trees, Coastal hill forest tree and Beach front trees.

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Coney Island is dominated by Casuarina trees. Nearest to the west entrance there is a built play area called the Casuarina exploration. Interesting fact: the name ‘casuarina’ is derived from Malay. The characteristic of the trees are being tall, conical shaped with needle-like twigs and fruits that are grown on them that look similar to durian. For the bird lovers there is a bird shelter available in the park. Another interesting about Coney Island is that there is an abandon villa named ‘Haw Par Beach Villa’. This magnificent villa was built back then in the 1930s, the villa is 80 years old now it was built by the Burmese-born Aw brothers. They named Coney Island as Haw Par Island, they built a huge business empire with their trademark Tiger Balm ointment.  It was left abandon as during the Japanese occupation, the villa was destroyed.



You will be able to explore in the Haw Par Beach villa in Coney Island through the mangrove swamp, however it is highly encouraged to not be curious and explore the area as it is quite dangerous. If you are lucky enough you might have the opportunity to witness the otters around the area.

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 20 22.07.jpghttp://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-s-coney-island/2299330.html

The trip to Coney Island make me realize that having such natural environment available is really nice and rare, but in order to preserve these places we should not be littering around, keeping the place clean. As an active and effective citizen I should do my part to preserve the environment by making sure the place is not polluted by litters. Once in awhile it feels better to get away from the city life and come to these places to relax ourselves and appreciate the environment.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation, I hope my presentation spark of your interest to visit Coney Island especially those who loves nature and bird watching. I would strongly recommend you to cycle in or rent a bike if you do not own one, best is to be dressed in sports attire with a cap as it is humid in there. It is beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk. Lastly the opening hours are from 7am – 7pm! Enjoy your trip there!



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