Can I Change?

This topic made me think deeper on what I should change as a citizen. During the selection period of choosing five out of fifteen topics, I found that this topic is one of the five that grab my attention and I was interested in. I reflected on myself as a person individually, what are the bad habits I have and I have yet to get rid of? I recall what once my teacher actually said about the word ‘Habit’.

When you try to change your ‘habit’ it becomes ‘abit’, if you push on, the ‘habit’ it becomes ‘bit’. If you try harder it will become ‘it’. Which means eventually you can never really get rid of the habit.

I agree to what he said to a certain extent, however it might not be completely true. To some people they can actually get rid or change the habit but some might not be able to. I believe each and every one of us has at least a bad habit. E.g. of habits are nail-biting, complaining too much, procrastination and overspending. Considering the few bad habits I have, procrastination is one bad habit I would want to focus on and change for the better.

Why do I procrastinate? Well it is because I am ‘lazy’ to do what I am supposed to do; I will come up with all sorts of excuses to not get things done. Although I know I have to get it done on time, I will still procrastinate. There’s a Chinese proverb that I felt best describe on this bad habit “臨時抱佛脚” which means doing things at the last minute.

I read on the 6 stages of change in order to change my bad habit. The 6 stages include precomtemplation, contemplation, determination, action, maintenance and termination. At first, I felt that procrastinating is not a big deal, it is not as serious as what my parents says as they nagged at me. At some point of time I felt that my parents are over-exaggerating hence I did not really bothered on changing this bad habit and continued doing it as I seems ‘normal’ to me. Moving on to the contemplation stage, I start to realize how procrastination has affected me in every way of my life, I wanted to change but I thought to myself it is not as easy as it seems. Actions speak louder than words, I can easily say “I want to change” but no action has been done. I was hesitating, indecisive about whether I should change or not. Next, after the ‘consideration’ period, I went with the decision that is best for me which is changing this bad habit. I brace myself to this ‘challenge’, I told myself nothing will be easy in the beginning but with determination and resilience I believe I can make it, motivating myself to change for the better. Done with the ‘talks’ now is time for some action to take place, I decided to make a few adjustment. Firstly, instead of making up excuses such as “no time” I will make time, be more self discipline on time management. Next, I plan on the things that should be done and aim to complete them before the dateline so that I have the time to check it over again and have enough rest. As I continued with these adjustments, I was tempted to procrastinate along the way as I was again, ‘lazy’ nevertheless I tried to ignore it and not let it affect me. Ultimately, after all the endurance I changed, confident that I will not procrastinate on my work or anything I do in the future.

In a nut shell, I believe that if you set your mind into doing something, it is possible to get it done. I can proudly say that I have changed to become a better person.  It might be tough in the beginning but as you go along the way it gets better. At the end of the day it will be beneficial towards ourselves and from there we can become a better person.


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