What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

If Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers, I feel that it might good. Without domestic workers, Singaporeans will be more independent. Most of the families that have domestic worker (Maid) at home largely depend on them. Today, we have the ‘strawberry’ generation. Having domestic worker is part of the cause. I feel that teenager this generation depend on their maid too much, be it whether is simple house chores or even preparing their own day pack. Not only so, there has been many cases of employers abusing/mistreat their maid. Without these domestic workers in Singapore, we might be able to create a new environment for Singaporeans as they will start to be more independent instead of being too dependent on them which is a good thing. Without them, I feel that there will be a likelihood that families with both parents working will face difficulties as they struggle between work and family. However they can leave their children under the care of childcare centers.

If Singapore do not have any foreign workers it will be a great crisis. I feel that most of the Singaporeans do not appreciate the jobs that the foreigners are doing. Without the aid of foreign construction workers, local construction companies will have a lack of employees which means that they are unable to carry out construction activities or they have to delay project datelines. Construction workers are very important to Singapore’s economy, most of them are foreigners, without them Singapore is not able to function economically well.

In all, I feel that there is a need to have foreign workers in Singapore to a certain extent and we should not feel that they are taking over our jobs instead think in a way that they are helping our country. I cannot imagine Singapore without any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers. Who will be the one that will build our home? Who will be the one that is willing to do the dirty and energy consuming job? I doubt Singaporeans are willing to do so. I feel that people really should learn to appreciate the roof that is above our head, and seriously think of who are the ones who build it. We should be grateful and show our gratitude to them. They are the ‘unsung heroes’ of Singapore. 



What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

Singapore is a relatively clean, safe and efficient country. Honestly in my opinion there are more positive remarks to say about Singapore compared to the negative ones. To start off the positive ones, it would definitely be the safe environment. Singapore is well-known as a country with the least percentage of crime among the Southeast region or even worldwide. Most of the places in Singapore has surveillance camera which allows every citizen to feel a sense of security and safe.

Secondly, it would be the fact that Singapore is a multi-racial country. There is racial harmony between the different races. We are able to get along, understand each other and live together despite our differences. It’s all thanks to our forefathers for creating this environment, the efforts they put in to bring us together resolving our differences. It is definitely something I love about Singapore which I feel is rare to see it in other country. If you were to live in another country as a different race most likely, you will face discrimination. But it is different living in Singapore, high percentage that you will not face discrimination. Everybody is treated fairly here, which is can be reflected upon our national pledge. “We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation. “

What I dislike about Singapore will be the rising cost of living. Practically the price of everything has gone up. Despite all the subsidies it is still a financial burden to most of the families. Young adult this generation has a hard time getting a roof over their head, let alone starting a family. I am sure as year goes past, the price of houses will not be affordable for most citizens. Even education can be a problem to many families. Education fees in Singapore are considered costly excluding tuition etc. Another thing would be the 5 c’s that Singaporean believe in. Including cash, car, condo, cash card and country club. It become an obsession to others, as people will try hard to achieve it. For those who are not able to achieve it will be deem as incapable or even be look down upon. Giving others an impression that Singapore is a materialistic country.

The positive characteristic Singapore has would be being kind and passionate. For example we have campaigns such as Singapore kindness movement, PR campaign ( Love is ageless) by SPCA and The four millions smiles campaign etc. Next it would be us being ‘perfectionist’ due to our ‘kiasu-ism’. It is a drive to strive for better, considering the small details in everything we do and we want to be the best in the things we do. Which led us to get the title of ‘World best airport’ in 2013 and the garden city. In contrast the negative characteristic would be how Singaporeans complain about every single little things. An example would be : During a train breakdown. Which becomes a habit as people will not learn to appreciate and love what they have and instead focus on the things that they do not have. Hence most Singaporeans has the ‘pessimistic’ attitude.

Nevertheless, I still love Singapore despite all the negative characteristics. I believe if all of us are willing to make a change, things will get better. I can confidently say that I am proud to be a Singaporean. Even if I am given another chance to live in other country, I will still choose Singapore.


What are Singaporeans’ concerns? What are our migrants’ concerns? Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

I am sure that if I were to point out all the concerns by Singaporeans it will be a list long. So I will just a list a few that are commonly faced by Singaporeans.

To start off this topic it will be on the financial capability of the individual on starting a family. Singapore has been ranked one of the richest country… But to think of that, it comes with consequences. It means people have to work harder to provide themselves and their family a living. The high standard of living in Singapore is already a burden to most of the citizens in Singapore. The price of accommodation, food, healthcare in Singapore is not cheap at all. Let alone starting a family, the price of getting a new house, the enormous sum of money to raise a child and healthcare. Even though Singapore’s government has came out with new schemes to help Singaporeans by subsidizing the amount on healthcare and raising children, it is still not sufficient. The stressful life in Singapore has led to many concerns of Singaporeans starting a new family. Many young adults are career-driven and  would rather spend their youth working compared to starting a family. When they decide to start a family it would be a little too late, as it is harder for the women to conceive. With no doubts it is advisable to not have a child at an old age.

 In general most of the migrants will face the same concerns as Singaporeans with an exception of how they are viewed by others. They will have to get used to the fast pace in Singapore, long working hours etc. Also, they will have to pay for the costly education fees and healthcare. Discrimination would be one of the serious concern by them. Due to the different nationality and culture, they might be discriminated. 

However, these differences and concerns can be resolved. In a relationship, it takes two hand to clap. If both are willing to make a change or put in extra effort to make the situation better, I am sure it will be a happy marriage. Regardless of what circumstances, if both are willing to try and give in when necessary it should not be a problem. Though it all comes down back to individuals and the situation. 


Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts? 

Well, I decided to ask a few of my closest friend who have known me for at least five years. The common reply from all that I’ve gotten is that they identify me as a very ‘lazy’ person. Also they identify me as someone who is trustworthy. 

My thoughts.

I have no doubts on how they felt about me being a very lazy person. I am quite a lazy person, in fact I am a very lazy person. I love to sleep a lot, that includes afternoon naps. As a lazy person, I love to get things done in a short cut way so I will have more time to spend on other things. But I do have a limit for everything, if I have to get things done on time I will be discipline and not be lazy. Well, I am not really sure if I am a person that is trustworthy to others. But I realize that people tend to open up to me (heart to heart talk). One of them said I have the looks that I am very friendly and most of the people will tend to open up themselves as they feel comfortable with me. Usually I am the listening ears for others, I will listen to their thoughts, troubles then give them advise and comfort them. I believe that in the future I will need help from others so why not I start first by helping others? 


What I know about money managementMoney management is basically how one manage their own money by saving, investing or spending. ‘ saving money for rainy days ‘

What I want to know about money management –  What would be the most accurate amount for one to save for retirement? What is the limit to budgeting? How to know exactly if one is overspending? What is the best way to save and keep our money, in the bank, at home or bring it along with us wherever we go?

What I’ve learned about money management  It is necessary to save some money aside for rainy days. It is not advisable to spend more than what you earn. Similarly it is also not advisable to spend more than what you save. It is important to manage money properly and not treat it lightly by keeping an account of it. 


Above given website gave a very simple example on ‘needs vs wants’. This is a very important lesson for people who have troubles managing their money. If one is unable to differentiate between needs and wants they might end up overspending for nothing. 


What kind of parent do I want to be? Why? 


I went to check out the website above and found a few parenting habits that are quite shocking. A few examples are  :

  • In the Polynesian island, children take care of children. This is quite new to me as even to this day, there are adults still struggling to take care of children let alone saying the children to take care of each other. I thought to myself that why would people actually allow children at such a young age to take care of another child of a younger age. Usually people will feel that if kids are together and left alone all they will do is to create trouble and not take care of themselves. I wonder at such a young age where and how did they learn to do so, their parents must have trust them a lot. 
  • Danish parents leave their kids on the curb while they go shopping. In Singapore, I am sure no one would do this and deem this action made by the parents ‘crazy’. I am pretty sure there are a lot of news, reports of missing child as parents neglected their child. I’m pretty amazed how Danish people trust their own citizens that they will leave their children on the curb without having the fear that their children will be taken away or kidnap. 
  • French kids eat everything. Personally I feel that this is a good parenting habit, this will become a habit for child and they will not be picky on food. In this generation most of the children get very picky on food, one of the most hated food is definitely vegetables. Most of my friends do not like to eat vegetables. Which I feel that it is not a good habit as vegetable provides some nutrients or vitamins that meat and dairy products do not have it. 

Back to the topic, I would want to be a parent that let my children be compassionate with everything they do. I feel that there is no need to restrict them in anything, they should be creative and have wild imagination. There is no limit, I want them to learn and explore the world by themselves, I want them to love what they do and also make mistakes and learn from them. I want them to feel carefree and not stuck in studies everyday. During their childhood, I would want to make sure they have enough of fun, good memories. Bring them to places like Zoo, allowing them to be explored to different animals. There is no such thing as ‘gender limit’ , if I have a son and he loves the color pink or loves to put make up or play with Barbie doll, I will not stop him from doing so. I want my child to learn to love everything around them. I wish that they do not see how cruel this society is and give up on the things they like, I want them to be empathetic to others, help others even if it does not benefit them. Help the society, do volunteer work because I always believe that the more you give, the more you receive. I want my child to be independent I do not wish that they are pampered by me, if they make a mistake they should be punished accordingly and encourage to not do it again. I will constantly tell them they are the best and they look beautiful no matter what others say, I do not want them to feel insecure. I will love them like no other parents does. I will tell them that love is unconditioned, love nature and not 24/7 stuck with smart devices. Why? Because yolo aka you only live once. I find that there is no point doing things we do not like and be stuck with it and waste our life doing so. Rather than that, do something we love and enjoy it even though we might not benefit it. I do not want them to be unhappy, money is not everything. Money is important, but I firmly stand on my opinion that money cannot buy you any happiness. 

I do not know if this is the best parenting habit but I will strive my best to become the best parent for my children 🙂